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Fillup your application and get pre approved loan, We have education loan application which will be automatically matching your profile with our partners and define the best Study loan for you


Banker process

Once the process start we have our partners to provide you door step service where hassle free and mark to your choice and no worries on documents submission , all the process will be taken care by our partner team. We will get in touch with you for support of getting the sanction fast .


Dream Destination

Once we confirm all the loan process completed will set proper date of fees payment and living expenses to your college and your settlement, now the disbursement once done, you start your dream study in dream destination.

An interest in information pays the wellbeing! Also, on the off chance that the information is accomplished at a top-level and premium college, at that point it makes certain to hoist your profession to the following level. Notwithstanding, the shocking the truth is that the expense of concentrating in a presumed school is typically very steep. What's more, concentrating in a decent school abroad is a significantly costlier suggestion.

For the most part, parents or guardians get ready for this by putting resources into a few long haul venture plans like FDS (fixed deposits, independent of their money related status, can understand their fantasy about concentrating in perhaps the best college of the world.

Settling on the right part of studies, cost impact for an education loan

Taking an instruction advance to supersede the expense of training abroad is the correct decision. Contingent upon the sum and your profile, money related foundations can back even 100% of the painstakingly break down the accompanying key parts of the different choices accessible. At the point when you apply to p2a, we do this investigation for you. On the off chance that you do the advance correlation yourself, think about these elements:

Acads decide your credit wellness

Either you are eligible for Secured or unsecured loans are always 2 clause secured (with collateral ) or unsecured ( without collateral )
Borrow - Loan Company Responsive Website Templates now lets have a glance on this loan types

Borrow - Loan Company Responsive Website Templates

What is Secured Education Loan

  • Borrower need to provide any collateral (immovable assets or any liquidate collaterals in form of FD against which the loan is offered.
  • customer benefits with Lower rate of interest.
  • Longer repayment period.
  • Longer repayment period.
  • Partial re payments choiced during study period.
  • Income is considerable depending on College or student category
Borrow - Loan Company Responsive Website Templates

What is Unsecured Education Loan

  • No need for any collateral as security
  • where ever risk is high ROI will be high , but we have offers for our students
  • hard work never fails , if the score of student is high with excellents academic track ,and admit in top rank college will get sure with unsecured
  • Longer terms max 10 years easy forecloure methods
  • Parents are mandate with any co applicant with own house to support the risk of unsecured .




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Thus, P2A provides a complete study abroad solution for you. Besides offering transparent, reliable, and up-to-date information related to everything in the higher education domain, we also supplement help in all areas that can make your relocation abroad easier, smoother, and cost-effective.

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India’s first education-focused financing platform. P2A provides comprehensive financing solutions for study abroad aspirants helping them achieve their higher education dreams. Till now, P2A has helped more than 2500 students with financing their higher education. Additionally, P2A offers many tools & services for the entire process of the student’s study abroad journey.
Students can either get the documents picked up from doorstep by relationship officer or upload them on the website. Students can track the entire education loan process online and a dedicated counsellor is available all the time to resolve the queries or escalate any delay in the process.
The maximum loan amount that a student can apply for is INR 1.5 crore from a Nationalized bank.
streamlined the entire process of education loans for study abroad. Students need not run from pillar to pillar with their documents as manages everything from start to end. We have tied up with many lenders in the market and can get the loan process done in low turnaround time.