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Understand which course and study destination is right for you

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Shortlist universities / colleges, which you should apply to

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Get assistance in drafting SOPs, optmizing LORs and filling of actual apps

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Comprehensive post admit assistance, including visa and networking

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How P2A Can Help You Get In Touch With Abroad Education Consultants?

Shortlisting universities, writing the perfect SOP, sending applications, and arranging for visas and finances - the complete process involved in making the dream of study abroad come true is cumbersome, and some students prefer to take help from an abroad education consultant. If you too are one of those students, GyanDhan has a solution for you. We help overseas education aspirants make their dreams come true by connecting them with the best study abroad consultant as per their requirement for absolutely free of cost.

Our study abroad consultant partner will be by your side from the very beginning till the end- from generating a list of suitable universities and courses as per your profile and interests and reviewing your SOPs to helping you apply for universities and visa. GyanDhan will ensure you get the highest quality service from the consultant. Further, once you get an admit, GyanDhan’s team will help you get education loan at the lowest interest rate.

Now you may ask, what sets us apart from the others? With GyanDhan, not only you get guidance from the best foreign education consultants but also the benefits of our in-built data-driven tools like admit predictor, university compare, SOP review and services like sending transcript, networking opportunities with alumni & other students.

For over thousands of study abroad aspirants, we have turned the journey of applying for overseas education from an arduous process to a cakewalk, thus making thousands of dreams come true. If you too want to see your study abroad dreams take shape, get in touch with us right away! How to apply for counselling? Well, it’s easy! Sign up here, and we will call you within six working hours to give you a free admission consultation session.

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